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We offer Apple Mac OS X Server services.  HoffmanLabs can provide you with the assistance and information you need to install and operate your Apple Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server environments effectively, efficiently and securely, and for assistance with configuring and troubleshooting your IP networking and DNS services.  We know Apache, TCP/IP Networks, Firewalls, DMZ configurations, Open Directory/LDAP, SSL/TLS, etc.

We offer HP/HPE/VSI OpenVMS services.  We know VMS, from the days in the DEC Maynard Mill (pictured above), to HP Nashua OpenVMS Engineering, and to the present.  We know the software and the hardware.  And we can provide you with custom user- and kernel-mode programming services in C, DCL, Macro32 Assembler and other programming languages, as well as system management information and assistance and troubleshooting, Integrity Itanium upgrades, with migrations, and assistance with installing and managing patches.

If you want to learn more about us, or see some of what we’ve published on technical topics ranging from DNS configurations to low-level file systems to CD and DVD mastering, visit the Labs at HoffmanLabs


Welcome to HoffmanLabs LLC

Get help with your Apple Mac OS X Server, with HP/HPE/VSI OpenVMS custom solutions and services, security, and with IP and DECnet networking.

Learn more in the Labscontact us, or call +1.603.566.2811 (US Eastern) now.

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